Chapter Sixty-Eight      June, 2012


Ernest Hemingway said “If you are lucky enough to live in Paris, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”  We both agree with Hemingway but might add: “Don’t ever try to leave”.  It was hard leaving Paris.  The only consolation was that there was more of beautiful France to see.  So, with all the strength we could muster, on April 1st we said our last farewells and slipped the lines.  Instead of heading immediately toward the country we headed down the Seine to circle the city one last time and get a water view of this enchanting city.  It was even more beguiling than we anticipated.

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April proved to be a cold month and our stops were dictated by the need for heat, so electric availability was paramount.  But it didn’t mean we weren’t having fun. Well, most of the time.

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Once we warmed up, we took in all that the magnificent countryside had to offer.

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We are enthralled with barns, gates, birds….

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…rolling fields, bridges, and beautiful Nancy on May Day.

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And then we were delivered a curve ball.  John had a TIA on May 4th.  Sharon ran for help, we were able to get help immediately and he suffered no permanent damage.  However, we cannot pursue our Danube River plan. So we took a trip to the south of France to find a winter mooring and think through a new plan.  We were able to secure a slip in Marseilles so at least we have a short-range destination.  This lightens our load for the moment.  Meanwhile, we stopped in some wonderful ports.  And cleared our heads.

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We’ve slowed to a crawl, gotten John’s heart back in order and changed course according to doctor’s suggestions, staying close to land.  This means Seraphim is now posted “For Sale.”  And that brings us to figuring out the next adventure in our lives. 


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