Chapter Sixty   June 2011

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Two years ago we were on a small Greek island called Lipsi when a French boat dragged it's anchor and drifted down towards us. Although there was no collision involved, the captain of the drifting yacht said we were so gracious he couldn't believe it and invited John over for a glass of wine. They chatted for hours as sailors do.  He asked about our future plans. John told him we were heading for Paris. He insisted that when we arrived in the south of France we call him; he lives just outside Lyon. A year or so ago he contacted us again and has kept track of us since.  

We just spent four days in his 12th century home.

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Does it get better?  Yes it does!  He pulled out his little cabriolet and gave us a driving tour of Beaujolais country.

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Daniel gave us a walking tour of his lovely village, Chazey D’Azerques, filled with ancient tales and legends. He knew them all, too!

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We stopped at all of his friends’ homes including that of James, a retired English teacher.

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I requested that we visit the Musee de Tissus de Lyon, the Costume Museum. His neighbor is the director of the museum and gave us a private three-hour tour. The museum itself was magnifique, as was the special exhibition of 16th century costume.

It was so over the top, we are just catching up on sleep.  So Lyon is our new favorite place.

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France is for us. We can't say enough good things about this experience. We are both so happy with what we are doing. The French countryside with its rolling hills is very serene. We’re learning to master the locks and there are many variations of them. The bread and cheese is irresistible.  Neither of us seems to be able to resist the scent of fresh-out-of-the-oven-croissants.  But this is our only complaint!  Pretty good, don't you think?

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Vive la France! 

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