Chapter Fifty Two     March  2010


We're definitely in "work overdrive" mode. Every day a new project along with ones we didn't even count on. John was recently sanding the exterior teak toerail to prepare for varnishing, which was to be the following day. However, he hit a piece of bronze chafe plate and it moved. Five of the six screws were rotted. He removed four of the five. The last one broke. So he got out his drill and broke two bits trying to remove the last one. In the end, he dug out the remains of the screw/drillbit, drilled a big hole, glued in a teak plug, and installed the chafe plate all over again.  This time with new (bronze) screws. A three hour unscheduled job.

But that wasn’t the worst of the unscheduled jobs! Below decks we discovered the water pump running and the tank mpty.  The water hose under the sink had burst and emptied the tank into the bilge.  “Of course,” he explained patiently, “we have an automatic bilge pump, so the water is now safely in the sea.”  The water hose was repaired in a few hours, and life continued.  Ha!

The next day we were checking something in the engine compartment and looked into the bilge and Lo and Behold!  It was full of water.  The automatic bilge pump (in which John had so much confidence) had blown a fuse and all the water from the tank was still in the boat.  Another day repairing the pump.

When he wakes up the next day he resumes his sanding, which was the original job!  And that's a true story. And that's how every day goes!


Sharon is busy finishing the fine varnishing on tables and pot lockers,

tending to the interior teak, repairing sail covers, polishing the decks....the list
is endless. You get the picture, right?


We actually love this part of the program. It tells us spring is coming. And we’re ready! There’s still snow on the mountains, but it’s thinning down pretty quickly. Soon the lines will be unbagged and the cushions will sit where they belong, in the cockpit!


We leave here next week, on April 1st or thereabouts and we have about 500 miles to get to the west coast of Greece. A place called Preveza, near Corfu. We will park the boat there for the six weeks while home. It is less expensive than other areas. Summer boat parking is really expensive! We will island-hop while making our way west. It will be long days and a lot of praying for good weather. But we have factored "weather" into our plans, so we should be OK. It is stressful, dealing with “The S Word” (Schedule) and we don't like it at all. But this is what we must do sometimes!

First stop, England! We kid you not! Just a little respite at an English manor house, thanks to our friends, Bernard and Judy! Isn’t life grand?

We’ll be back on the water early August when we will make our way to Sicily. We haven’t been and we cannot miss it. Besides, we’re craving some good Pizza Bianco!

Our time is up in Turkey. We have loved every minute. But there is more of Med to see. Next winter we shall be docked in Monastir, Tunisia. Looking forward to working on our French so that we’ll be ready for Paris the following year!

Did we mention that Life is Grand?