Chapter Forty Six     May - June, 2009


Sailing the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.  Sound good?  It is!

We left the marina and sailed as far as we could the first day then dropped the hook in an isolated anchorage off a beautiful beach.  And we stayed put!  It felt so good to be away from the crowds and hustle.  For 4 days we didn’t even put the dinghy in the water.  Ruthe even brought her mum out for lunch.


Now we were ready to move.  And move we did.  We sailed with Banu and Bev (and Ada, of course).  Some places new, and some we’ve seen before, but all wonderfully quiet and uncrowded.  Even Bev’s broken arm didn’t slow us down.  The pics tell the story, we think.





Now we’re in Mykonos, visiting with friends we made 3 years ago and waiting for more to arrive from the States.  Life truly is good!