Chapter 39 January 25, 2008- March 1, 2008


We’ve been busy. Very busy. The labor is harder than any either of us can remember in all of our working careers. The details of the stories would bore you to tears, but here are the highlights:

·       Both of us have recovered from falls into the sea, both having fallen from passerelles. (No photos)

·       Both bikes have been in the sea and retrieved. Spare parts have also been retrieved but only after paying diver’s fees. (None here, either)

·       John has rebuilt both thirty year old hatch covers.  (Photos)

·       With some professional assistance, we have laid a new white Formica galley countertop.  (Some more photos)

·       The cabin sole (“floor” to you landlubbers) has been rebuilt and refinished (also some outside help here, too), while Sharon did the annual re-varnishing of the screens and tables but without outside assistance.  (Even more photos)

·       We have painted the overhead. (Whew!  Enough with the photos!)




We are ready for the season to begin. But the work isn’t quite complete. Mid-March we will be hauled out of the water for ten days. We will polish the hull, paint the bottom and varnish the exterior brightwork. Our families have long thought we read and goof off during the winter. Ha!  Believe it or not, we both enjoy the challenge of the work, despite our occasional moaning.


With the haul-out jobs complete, we should be ready to set sail mid-April. Turkey is said to have some of the prettiest coastal harbors in all of the Mediterranean. We can’t wait to find out for ourselves.


Happy spring from our harbor to yours. (Photo)